Integral Education

Integral Education – Insights

Integral education aims to address the physical, emotional and mental aspects of the individual and help a child to understand her/himself from within. It focuses on developing key faculties (abilities and talents) so that a child grows up with not just information and training, but becomes a total individual who goes into a life long journey of evolution and growth. The focus and emphasis shifts in this type of education from information acquisition to self-development in its essence.

The serene school campus, steeped in nature, with open and spacious classrooms, help the child to become calm and centered. The child grows with trees, flowers, friends and fun. There’s no strict uniform, even though a dress code is recommended. This helps to a free, colourful and joyful feel around, creating a space of joy and ease in the heart of the child leading to true emotional development.

The classes/groups are named after flowers – Sunflower group, Rose group, Jasmine group… and so on, instead of ‘section A, B, C…’ as perspectives are often reflected and shaped by language and words. We have not underestimated the power of names. We want our children to associate themselves with the beauty and qualities of flowers, rather than a linear, numbered hierarchy. A child belonging to a group named after a flower may feel inspired at some point to explore its associations and experience its beauty and its subtle, divine qualities. A number of activities can be around these flowers as themes, given the rich garden-campus of the school, thereby making it all the more a living experience. There is the possibility of many qualities ‘flowering’ due to this subtle, indirect association.

The emotional development of students is made possible because of the non-threatening and friendly atmosphere, wherein a child learns to cultivate self-discipline while being sensitive to the needs of others. Utmost care is taken to provide best possible guidance on the academic front, however, we understand that education encompasses academics and is not limited to it.  We understand that a natural flowering may mean deep academic interest or even a lack of it, despite the support.  A joyous involvement of the child in an atmosphere of freedom and support, brings out the best in her/him. There is an encouragement on the progress of the child at his or her own pace, without constant comparison or competition.

A sense of introspection and self-reflection is inculcated in several ways helping the child to understand values at a deeper level.

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