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Sri Aurobindo Society

Sri Aurobindo Society was founded in 1960 by The Mother to pioneer the adventure of exploring the frontiers of this new consciousness and its expression through all aspects of our individual and collective. It is a registered society with its chief administrative office at Puducherry, with 400 centres in India and outside. It is an international non-profit NGO and has been recognised by the Government of India as a Research Institute and an Institution of National Importance. It has the following specific objectives:

  • The integral growth and perfection of the individual and the establishment of an environment conducive for this.
  • Social transformation through the dynamic application of spirituality in all fields of human endeavour, at both the individual and the collective levels.
  • A united and awakened India.
  • The realisation of human unity in a harmonious and organised diversity, where each nation will become conscious of its true genius and offer its best for the whole of humanity.

Its main areas of activities include education, health, management, rural development, sustainable development, Indian culture, youth, women, media, arts and communication, business and economic development, science and technology.

(Further information about Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, and Sri Aurobindo Society can be obtained from www.aurosociety.org.)

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