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The naming of things

Perspectives are often reflected and shaped by language and words. We have not underestimated the power of names. We call our classes or ‘groups’ by names of flowers. So, instead of terming our classes as Nursery, Lower KG, Upper KG, class 1, 2, 3… we prefer to use terms like Sunflower group, Rose group, Jasmine group… and so on. We want our children to associate themselves with the beauty and qualities of flowers, rather than a linear, numbered hierarchy. Flowers have several subtle, even divine qualities associated with them. A child belonging to a group named after a flower may feel inspired at some point to explore its associations and experience its beauty. A number of activities can be around these flowers as themes, given the rich garden-campus of the school, thereby making it all the more a living experience. There is the possibility of many qualities ‘flowering’ due to this subtle, indirect association.

There is a lot in a name, you see!

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