Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

23rd September 2017


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HINDI MEIN DHAWANIYAAN was the topic of the PEP session held on 23 Sep 2017.  The session was planned mainly for parents of non- Hindi speakers who struggle with helping their children learn Hindi.  During this session the Hindi diyas shared the approaches and methods followed by them in their classes with children at the Pre-Primary level.  Helping parents pronounce every letter (akshar) correctly was the objective of the session.  Hindi as a language has an intrinsic property which allows every word to be written as it is pronounced.   Every letter and word can be pronounced easily with the right amount of stress and the control of one’s breath.  Parents were made to practice correct sounds of the many Hindi letters.  This exercise was followed by word and sentence formation activity using flash cards.  Parents enjoyed the session thoroughly and learnt a few tricks to mastering correct pronunciation of any letter in Hindi.  The session concluded with a fun filled articulation exercise where diyas challenged parents to two tongue twisters.

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