29th March 2014
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The posters did the job of warming the air with anticipation – after all how often do you get to listen to stories from the literary big-wigs who write the books!  Bookalore, an event for both parents and students, to meet and listen to writers of children’s books was awaited by many.  Authors, Nandini Nayar, Poile Sengupta, Radhika Chadha and Asha had no difficulty in holding the attention of the children despite the buzzing activity in the campus. The style in which the stories were narrated whisked the children into a world of imagination. Children from other schools also came to benefit from this event, the habit of reading after all is one of the most precious gifts one can give to a child.

There were several activities to entrap the buzzing kid so they could imbibe from the honeyed world of literary imagination.  Colouring and collage activities enhanced the joy of the children, while parents made good use of their time poring over books suitable for their children.

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