Exhibition Day

25th August 2018 


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Auro Mirra International School wore a festive look on 25th August 2018. The school was bedecked with dazzling decorations to welcome Exhibition Day. This day served as a platform for students to share their learning through skits, dances, songs, poems etc. A puppet show titled ‘Leon’s day at Auro Mirra’ from the English department highlighted values of cleanliness and peaceful co-existence through humour and music. ‘How big is a Foot?’ was a well-executed skit from the Mathematics department where students presented an amusing story about how the standard measurement of a foot came to be. The Social Science Department portrayed ‘The Dances of India’, where students dressed in traditional costumes of the many states rendered excellent dance performances which captured the spirit of Unity in Diversity and left the audience spellbound. The Hindi Department presented ‘Navras’ where students accurately portrayed the nine core emotions that make up the personality of a human being. The Kannada department presented a street play on the diminishing importance of mother tongue in language usage which was well received. The Art and Craft department displayed various art forms like WARLI, doodling, Picasso art, nail art etc. Students from the Computer Science department designed an educational game which kept everyone engaged and was highly appreciated. Aqua world was the theme of the Science department, where students emphasized the role of water in all its forms like hydrotherapy, water beds etc. Ramyaahi Srishtieshaa was the skit presented by the Sanskrit department where students staged brilliant performances. Students also had a project presentation on The Solar System and a round of riddles for parents. Poetry presentations in English, Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit by the first and second graders left the audience enthralled.

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