Exhibition day (Pre-primary)

02nd March 2019 

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The pre-primary exhibition day was held on 2nd March 2019 with a lot of pomp and flair in AMIS. It gave parents a glimpse into an array of activities that took place in the school. Preparations for this day had begun since July and parents were excited to see what their wards had been working on. They were impressed tremendously by the beautiful craft work done by pre-primary children with the help of their diyas. They scampered for their phones and cameras to capture the creative work done by the little ones. Poetry, project and Tabla presentations left the audience enthralled.

On the same day, a few primary classes also exhibited their work. Children in Hydrangea group performed a play by Shahid Anwar called ‘Sabzpari’s Jaltarang’. The play emphasized the ill effects of pollution. The children of Allamanda group demonstrated great artistic skill as they created an underwater world and didn’t miss a single creature of the deep waters. Children from Calendula group recreated the world of dinosaurs and sprang a playful attack on the spectators. The walls of the classroom displayed information on every possible species of these enormous creatures of the past. Pereskia group put up a shadow puppet show titled ‘Mythical Creatures’. Children had made puppets by themselves with the guidance of their art teacher and had also written the script for the show. Many types of mythological characters were depicted. Children from Raintree group were proud owners of comic books written and illustrated all by themselves under the watchful eyes of their art teacher. They eagerly awaited responses and feedback from parents who read these interesting comics on display. Children from Day flower group worked in different groups and each group designed an activity that needed to be completed either in levels or within a time frame. These activities ranged from reading to obstacle and cognitive games.

The day was proof to the fact that children at AMIS are talented in more ways than one.

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