KEERDOTSAV 2014-2015


Primary – 30th January 2015

To beat this year’s winter chill, came the Annual Sports Day of AMIS, on January 31st. True to this year’s theme, “KREEDOTSAV 2014-15”, for the Primary Section was filled with action. Parents, teachers and children gathered at our school grounds and the day’s event started with the brisk marching of the children of the various groups. As they marched along, the children voiced their support for various causes like “Swachh Bharat”, “Eye Donation”, “Road Safety”, etc. through the display of varied props and also appealed to all gathered there to support them in their endeavour.
The sports events kicked off with Harvinder didi declaring the sports meet open. Then there was no stopping the children. Starting with the individual races, followed by the class/ group races, the children, brimming with energy and excitement, gave in their very best. While some of them sweated out in the grounds, a few complemented their hard work with their crisp and smart narration of the events. After each event certificates were given to the winners. The cheer leaders kept up the excitement in the air, as they moved to the peppy tunes of “Jhampik Jhapang”!!
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Pre Primary – 20th February 2015
In today’s world we are flooded with latest updates and futuristic plans. But pre-primary’s budding kindergarten flowers through their marching reversed the time machine to early days where games like archery, catapult, marbles, hop skip, frisbee, skipping and top were part of our daily lives and made us realize the benefits. After this exciting start the various events lined up for the day quickly progressed and the young aspirers tried their best to make their team win. Participating in sports day is certainly full of fun when your friends and family support and motivate you through their cheering. Thus came a beautiful end of Pre-primary sports day.
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