Republic Day Celebration

26th January 2020 
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On the auspicious morning of 24th January, our school celebrated Republic day. It was a matter of great pride for all of us. Needless to say the whole school had worn the appearance of the festivity and fervour. The students left no stone unturned to make this monumental day a memorable one. The students put up some thought provoking programmes-discussion, song debate and quiz and the function ended with national anthem. The students of Auro Mirra International School celebrated 71st Republic day with great furore to commemorate the historic moment when India’s constitution was enforced on
26th January 1950.

On the 24th the students had planned some thought provoking programmes like: Tell me why, which was an interactive discussion put up by fifth grader the session gave some important insights as to why is this day important for Indians and also what is the meaning behind celebrating Republic Day. Then there was a Group song which spoke about national integration, and was
sung melodiously. Also there was a debate session by the name of Chai pe charcha by the seventh grader which was the highlight of the day. It covered important topics like ‘Why do we need a Constitution? What is CAA? The session was very informative as well as interactive and gave the learners and the teachers a plethora of food for thought to ponder upon. Finally the event ended with Quiz class wise questions was asked to highlight the importance of this day. On the whole the Republic Day celebration was engaging and thought provoking.

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