Sound and the story.

Parent Enrichment Program (PEP)

28th July 2018


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In everyday life we tend to, consciously or unconsciously, ignore listening. Listening creates a higher sense of awareness along with the ability to identify and accept change.  The P.E.P. session conducted on 28th July by Kevin Rodrigues focused on how music becomes an important part of integral education. Besides bringing joy and excitement to children, music becomes an apt medium to teach various disciplines of education like poetry, social science, psychology and science.  It also aids in building one’s vocabulary.  Parents began the session by taking a simple listening test and  were then guided through a 20 minute vocal warm up which included breathing exercises that pushed them to their limits.  A discussion on communicating with children followed next.  The session concluded with a passionate rendering of the song “Stop crying your heart out” by the music teacher.  It was a musical session that imparted knowledge and infused in everyone a strong vibe of positive energy.

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