The year ending heralds a season of festivities and celebrations. Akin to the season, students of Auro Mirra, geared up themselves to throw a few surprises at their spectators, of course, parents and teachers. A few days of uncertain weather kept everyone speculating about the event. Sports day (TEAM) December 7th, at Auro Mirra International school, was a day of fun and enthusiasm. Balls and rings adorned the play ground lending an aura of excitement. The chief guest Prof. Sudharshan, introduced by Shri Rajinikanth, the secretary of Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, declared the event open.
The thematic march past was an exemplary displaying their responsibility towards the society at such an young age. The march past by the tiny tots deserve a special applause. It was indeed a sight to behold!. The children displayed their acuity, agility and lightning speed in all the events, keeping the parents up and scuttling about, to capture delightful moments, definitely memories to cherish long after. The winners proudly carried away, SAPLINGS, merging wonderfully with the concept of GO GREEN.
Surely, one couldn’t ask for more!. Even as the parents were anticipating for more, it was time for the National Anthem, marking the end of the event. Short and sweet, sure it made a mark in everyone’s heart.

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