Talent Unleashed

4th March 2016


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Display Day was held on March 5th, 2016 in AMIS.  Like every year, the Pre-Primary Diyas displayed the art works of their tiny tots in various creative ways and the outcome was a visual treat! The Primary Diyas and children, through their displays sent the message loud and clear that learning is not just confined to the classrooms and textbooks.  For the Maths display the children, with the help of their diyas, ‘displayed’ Maths around us, using the various parts of the school campus.  Science display involved applications of Science in everyday life and it compelled all to pause and think how almost everything we do in our daily lives consists of science underlying it.  The children pulled English to a courtroom where it was tried for being ‘inspired’ from other Indian as well as some foreign languages! The Hindi display comprised of poetry and doha recitaion, interesting facts about Hindi, etc. but the main attraction was a play that the children had put up, with the help of their diyas, to spread awareness about the importance of trees.  For Sanskrit display too the children prepared a small skit, along with other things that they had put on display.  The parents were also treated to some glimpses of a few of the wonderful moments that their children had spent during the year, in their wonderland, which is also known as AMIS!!

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