Teacher’s Workshop

20th to 25th May 2019 

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Teacher’s Workshop Date: 20th to 25th May 2019 The Teacher’s Workshop at AMIS commenced on 20th May 2019, which spanned a week and was interspread with numerous conjoint, engaging and engrossing sessions. Powers Within games marked the beginning of each day wherein the teachers participated zealously. These games are structured to develop certain faculties in the participants. The Integral Project at AMIS is learner centric and growth oriented. The Integral Project Workshop was conducted by Nandini didi & Soma didi. A profound session on the importance & interesting ways to teach Maths was conducted by Mr. Paramshivam for the Maths teachers, which threw light on innovative ways to arouse interest & love for the subject in learners. “How to eat a Poem” – a workshop on poetry was conducted by Harvinder didi where teachers engaged in creating their own poems in multilingual groups. “The Power of a story” session was conducted by Aruna didi along with Harvinder didi through which they depicted certain aspects to gather the attention of a listener. Gunjan bhaiya conducted a very effective workshop on “Using Spaces Effectively” from which diyas understood how to make optimal use of available spaces in the campus for various performing arts. A beautiful Art & Craft session was conducted by Selvi didi. She explained about the beautification of the soft boards in classrooms and demonstrated 4 different craft patterns. Diyas created replicas of the same patterns in groups & thoroughly enjoyed the activity & couldn’t seem to get enough! Harvinder didi conducted a session on “Fun Way to Learn Spellings” through which she designed unusual techniques to learn spellings, which proved helpful to devise effective methods for teaching spellings. The week long sessions proved to be enriching, unique and pleasing for all involved.

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