Understanding learning and the child.

27th to 31st May 2019 

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The first session of the week long workshop commenced with Yamini didi welcoming parents of AMIS and introducing the Principal.  This was followed by Harvinder didi explaining the purpose and objective of the meet.  Yamini didi then proceeded to explain the significance of the early morning ‘Powers Within’ games sessions, while Janaki and Sharmin didis explained about the content matter of the pre-primary assemblies.  The parental session ended up with a melodious song on ‘Courage’ sung by Kevin Bhaiya.  Parents enthusiasm, in participating in the ‘Powers Within’ games session was noteworthy.  The parent’s assembly that followed, stressed the importance of internalizing, ‘Cooperation’ as a virtue to achieve goals.  Harvinder didi later, enabled the audience to explore the origin of values for which the audience responded eagerly.  Yamini didi facilitated a glimpse of the integral projects that helped children evolve as independent learners.  The next day, Harvinder didi hit the thought ‘Nothing can be taught’ and reassured parents that intrinsic learning can happen only by an awakening from within.  She also stressed the importance of the ‘Reading Habit’ and its prominence in a child’s life.  Parents witnessed a very interesting session the following day, revolving around the topic, ‘Freedom and Boundaries in School Life’ led by Harvinder didi and supported by Yamini didi and the Coordinator.  Sheethal didi further offered suggestions to parents about the type of nutritious food expected to be packed for children.  The next day’s session focused on the best practices adopted in AMIS projected by Yamini didi and Sheethal didi.   The question and answer session explored various general and specific arenas of school life.  The feedback session revealed the total contentment experienced by parents throughout the week.

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