A day with flowers

30th November 2016dsc00146

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Walking flowers may sound strange and unbelievable but at AMIS we witnessed this wonderful phenomenon on November 30th 2016 as the Pre-primary children celebrated ‘Flowers Day’ and adorned themselves with beautiful flowers and spread fragrance wherever they walked. We were amazed to see the creativity of parents who dressed their children in accessories like flower earrings, tie, belt, chain, wreath, head gear, bracelets, key chain, skirts, flower embroidered jacket, caps, hats, wands etc.  Mother’s love for flowers and its spiritual significance was briefly explained.  The didi’s along with the children were thrilled to learn the names of different flowers, for it was not from text book but experiential learning.  The children happily took part in different activities which was aimed at developing their sensorial skills.  Each child was given a rose at the end of the day to be given to person, whom they wanted to express gratitude.

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