Auro Mirra International School organized a day of ‘Celebrations’ on Saturday 30th March’13.  The weather was pleasant in the evening and the programme started at 5.30 p.m. with the welcome song.  The little ones from Pre-Primary invited parents on stage to play concentration games and parents simply enjoyed being guided by the little masters.  Music, dances and skits were interspersed with the games.  The whole campus reverberated with peppy numbers to which children grooved and jived and their joie de vivre was so infectious that it set the parents clapping and tapping with glee as they watched the children perform before a packed audience.  The entire show was anchored by the confident student anchors who professed their oratory skills with élan.  The ‘chutti hai’ item set the holiday mood announcing the advent of the summer vacations, while the Bihu dancers enlivened the enchanting evening, and the Bharatnatyam performance showed their prowess in the classical dance form as well and the students impressed the parents with their grace and sculpture like poses.  The nostalgia of the year gone by was presented by way of a brief movie called  ‘Glimpses’  which encapsulated the highlights of the year and the show came to a close with the vote of thanks.

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