Saturday 9th March’13 parents of Auro Mirra International School were invited to see the whole year’s work done by the children.  Artworks, charts, zig zag books, photographs and picture gallery etc were on display.  There was class wise exhibition including art, sports and science exhibition.  Art and Craft work done by the Nursery and LKG students was very impressive and it was a treat to see how the little hands could create such magic.  Parents of UKG became emotional and were touched to see their child’s pictures put up from the age of one to four years.  Parents were amazed seeing how the year’s work was compiled in a book form by the teachers and it would serve as a souvenir all their life.  Grade I displayed clay models and Grade III & IV demonstrated with experiments what they learnt in science for example condensation and water vapour.  The art and craft exhibition was put up in the form of a circle.  The sports activities done during the year was displayed by way of photographs.  Finally the slide show encapsulating the year’s work turned out to be a great hit and parents enjoyed the whole show thoroughly.

Being extremely satisfied, parents lauded the efforts of the school in the feedback registers.  We take the pleasure of putting up some of the remarks.

“Terrific effort and partnership;  Didis and Aunties you rock and make the children get the best out of them.  We are truly lucky to be a part of this family”  – Habeeb & Sahiba

“Very creative and able minds of our future…our children”-  Arati

“ Wonderful to see creativity flower” – Anuradha Sharma

The feedback register is full of motivating remarks and we wish we could have put them all up here.  Auro Mirra thanks the parents for their overwhelming response to the exhibition.


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