Developing Mental Skills (PEP SESSION–July 2013)

27th July 2013
Saturday morning Parents were sitting comfortably on the lawn of Auro Mirra International School.  Shwetal Didi welcomed them and gave an insight, what the PEP Session is all about. PEP Session is a Parent Enrichment Program, where the parents learn new techniques and help, enrich the child’s sensorial learning abilities.

Shwetal Didi asked the parents to close their eyes and go into silence by listening to Mothers Music.  Vijayalakshmi Didi who, was playing the music on the portable music player, travelled in different directions.  After the music ended, Shwetal Didi asked the parents to guess the path the music had travelled.  Only a few of the parents were able to guess it right!

The entire group of parents was divided in six groups and each group were instructed to enter all the six kuteers, one by one after they finished their activity in every kuteer.

The didis had chosen each activity very carefully, which focused on different aspects of concentration  e.g. body balance, auditory skills, creativity, hand eye coordination, fine motor skills, visual concentration, etc.

Closing the Lid of the Bowl Without Making Sound

Jyoti Didi demonstrated her fine motor, hand eye coordination and concentration skills by closing the lid of the bowl without making a sound. Parents had to follow the same.


Balancing Marbles on a Wooden Plank                               

Geeta Didi and Rajeshwari Didi challenged two parents to get up and walk while balancing  a marble on a wooden plank. The parents found this game tough and interesting. This activity enhances Hand Eye Coordination, Body Balance.

Passing the Marble with the Help of a Spoon Under the Table. 

A task becomes difficult when one cannot see activities they are performing. Baffled? Passing the marbles under the table just by feeling the spoon with yours without dropping it down was the task given to parents by Vijaylakshmi Didi and Vasundhara Didi.

Hear and Count

A passage was to be read out.  Both the Priya Didis asked the parents to keep track of how many  times ‘A’ and ‘the’ were read in the passage.  At the end of the passage the parents had to give the count. This activity enhances auditory skills, and concentration, numerical skills, while the passage itself also tickled the imagination.

Clock Game

 Saachi Didi and Anuradha Didi asked Parents to keep track of the seconds count,  from the moment they get the start signal till they were asked to stop. They increased the difficulty level after each game by adding various other activities like different actions, movements, questionnaires, along with counting. The essence of the game is to develop multi-tasking, concentration, numerical values, etc.

Body Balancing

Shoma Didi and Kavitha Didi gave two wooden blocks to be balanced on the palm and one on the head.  They kept increasing the difficulty level by adding some more blocks.  This activity helps in Concentration and Body Balance

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