Educational trips (2019-2020)

1. Educational trip to Pondicherry

Date: 5th to 8th February 2020
Grade 8 & 9
This beautiful chance was given to grade 8 & 9, who enjoyed the pristine beaches and the impressions of the French
Colonial Rule.
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2. Educational trip to Anthargange and Kotilingeshwara

Date: 15-02-2020
Grade 6 & 7
The time of the year when the children of Auro Mirra ventured into their trekking shoes. A trip to Anthargange, one of the most iconic cave site in Karnataka. It took a bit of an exercise to explore the caverns and the intricate chambers of the caves. Also visiting the Kotilingeshwara temple was an added experience to the trip. The temple is extremely famous as it has the tallest Shivalinga present in Asia. On the whole the excursion was all about fun and learning.
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3. Educational trip to Shravanabelgolaon

Date: 07-02-2020
Grade 3 to 5
Students of grade 3, 4 and 5 of Auro Mirra School went on an Educational Excursion to Shravanabelgolaon 7th February. Children enjoyed trekking up the hills. After an exhaustive climb of 700 steps they were able to see The Gommateshwar Bahubali statue, which is located at 3350 feet from sea level. This educational excursion prove to be very informative as the children learnt about Jainism. They enjoyed the scenery surrounding the hills.
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