Talent Exhibit

7th March 2020 

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Our school celebrated its pre-primary “Talent Exhibit”on 7th February. This gave us the platform to show-case the exuberant talent that our little ones possess. Every corner of the classroom sparked a creative display of the plethora of work done by our tiny-tots, followed by presentations where they cutely summed up their detailed activities. The look on the faces of every parent spoke aloud about how proud they were, looking at the efforts of their children and the diyas in-charge.

Our students were involved in the “Compost Project”. This compost was made by the students of grade 7th. Our school upholds the value of being in-sync with the eco-system and so this project was a special one, where the students created the compost using a variety of ingredients. Also the importance of compost and its benefits, was explained to the parents in the form of a detailed presentation. The icing on the cake was, that you could also buy the product from the students. This left the students thrilled as they saw many sellers.

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