Gearing up for the challenges ahead!

22nd to 27th May 2017

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The beginning of the New Year is always a time of excitement where one comes back with an open mind to absorb all that is good. The new academic year began with a 10-day workshop for the teachers from 22-27th May facilitated by Harvinder didi and Yamini didi. The first day was an introduction to the working of the school. Proactive methods for facilitating the overall development of children were brought to light. It was a very intelligent outlook on leadership and child centric facilitation. On 23rd we were left to ponder upon what a question is? We came to understand that enabling a child to ask a question is much more effective and a potential transforming tool. Then an effective method was introduced to us i.e. Integral project, to help us integrate different aspects of the curriculum in one assignment on the 24th which was facilitated by Yamini didi. The second half was conducted by Harvinder didi where our minds were opened to the power of listening. The next day dawned with we being given the task to work on the project in detail. We were allowed to find information for ourselves and research on the various topics given to us. We presented them to Yamini didi, Harvinder Didi and to other teachers. We critically analyzed each other’s work for the betterment of our approach. The last day session was based on “powers within games” which is played every morning. We were introduced to different kinds of simple games all the while keeping in mind their importance. These games included cone grab, pick and drop, reach the sky etc.

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