Knowledge Fest 2019-20

24th August 2019 

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Most of the presentations that were exhibited in the AMIS campus during the day of the ‘Knowledge Fest’, enabled ‘out of the box’ thinking. ‘Halliya sogadu’, the Kannada show, that resembled a typical village filled parents with nostalgic memories. Social department’s display focused on the history of cricket and its evolution. The English show dealt with spell fast and pattern games, transformation of English, poetry presentations and speech extracts from popular Shakespeare’s plays. Sanskrit department put forth a variety of programs such as dances, skits and songs. Children enabled the audience during the Math display to explore the origin and concepts of tangrams, integers and exponents. Most of the art and craft materials displayed were done out of the products thrown away as waste. Computer department chose to display materials related to cleanliness and preservation of the environment. The theme of the Hindi department was based on the living conditions, costumes, food and drinks of the ancient times. The Science fest dealt with a comparative study of the ancient food habits with that of modern times. The confidence children portrayed and the innovative methodologies of the school won the admiration of parents greatly.

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