Orientation Day 2018-19

02nd June 2018


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On 2nd June 2018, AMIS conducted its orientation day. The teachers along with the admin and support staff were formally introduced. Harvinder didi briefed parents on the philosophy and functioning of the school. Yamini didi delineated the expectations of the school from parents and children. It was followed by sapling planting to mark the start of a new journey for children joining the school this year. Just as the saplings the children await their time in school to bloom into their full glory. The saplings planted by parents were medicinal and diyas enthusiastically explained their medicinal properties to parents who were very keen to learn.
Later during the second half of the day, orientation for parents of students moving from UKG to grade 1 was held. Although the day witnessed some heavy rains, parents made it to the school and the venue was surprisingly full and teeming with parents and teachers. Teachers handling grade one introduced themselves in turn. Parents were made aware of the imminent adjustments and changes that awaits children as they make the transition from UKG to grade one.

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