Picnic to Big Barn

10th January 2019

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An enjoyable trip to Big Barn Farm was organised for grades 1 to 4 on 10th Jan 2019. Children left the school at 7 in the morning brimming with great excitement and curiosity for a fun filled experience at the farm. They were welcomed by an enthusiastic team who gave them a tour of the place. The farm covered a vast area and was home to a variety of organic trees and plants like pepper, lemon, cotton, guava and areca nut among others. Children enjoyed various activities like a tractor ride, petting animals and potting plants. They even had a little play area to themselves to play to their heart’s content. The team also informed children about the different birds and animals that lived there. At the end of the trip children relished the great experience and were eager to share it with their friends and family.

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