Primary Celebration Day 2018-19

2nd February 2019 
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Celebration day for the primary section of the school was held on 2nd February 2019. A great deal of anticipation surrounded this day. A grand stage had been set up and the cultural items unfolded at 5:30 pm beginning with a graceful Kathak performance. A riveting mix of dances, songs, plays and mime kept the audience glued to their seats for the next hour. The most awaited item of the evening, the Kannada Tableau portraying the Dasara Utsava brought the rich folk traditions of Karnataka to stage. Students performed folk dances like Kamsala Kunitha, Nandi Kolu Kunitha, Dollu Kunitha, Kolata and Huli Vesha in the most authentic style. The spectacular item stunned everyone beyond belief and drew a thunderous applause. The event ended with a vote of thanks to all those who made the Celebration day a glorious success.

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