Teacher’s Workshop

21st to 29th May 2018


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The teacher’s workshop in Auro Mirra International School began on 22 May 2018 and spanned a week. Every morning, teachers could be seen enjoying Powers Within games designed to inculcate specific faculties in the participants. A series of interesting and interactive sessions were lined up for the week. The first of which was a session on the ‘Integral Project’ conducted by Yamini didi. The Integral Project at AMIS provides a platform where learning goes beyond the confines of the classroom. The Project caters to the interest and curiosity of the learner. A session on ‘Critical Thinking’ for the social science and science teachers was a thought provoking and intriguing one. Harvinder didi took the participants through the process of developing a critical eye and mind. She threw light on the importance of critical thinking and the need to be critical thinkers. Another enlightening session was on ‘The role of a teacher’ conducted by Harvinder didi who redefined the conventional duties and responsibilities associated with a teacher to allow for the execution of a learning environment that empowers both students and teachers. Harvinder didi had also planned an enjoyable session on ‘Water’ where teachers were guided through the several stages of experiencing the purity, joy and cleansing properties of water. In all, it was a week full of novel experiences, learning and unforgettable fun.

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