Theatre and Art & Craft Workshop for Teachers

23rd to 25th May 2016


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In AMIS, workshops for teachers are organised regularly.  Between 23rd May and 25th May, 2016, all the teachers of AMIS had the third session of a series of extensive workshops on theatre and the Pre-Primary teachers also had the third session of Art & Craft workshop, out a series of three workshops.  Having covered the basics of theatre, in the earlier two workshops, this time Ravi Shankar ji, our resource person for theatre from Pondicherry, introduced us to a higher level of theatre, wherein we experienced how from a thought, which we feel strongly about, we can ourselves come up with a script and then move on to creating a whole theatrical presentation with dialogues, songs and props and thus through theatrics.

Mrs. Kiran, our resource person from Pondicherry for art and craft, had already shared some simple yet valuable tips on how art and craft is not only about creativity but it also helps in enhancing the fine motor skills, confidence, focus and concentration of the children, in the previous two sessions.  In this session, we learnt the art of making of human masks out of Plaster of Paris.  She also shared various ways in which we can adapt this art based on the age of our children and recreate the masks with our children, in our classes.  We also made beautiful things out of simple and easily available things like pebbles and coloured papers.

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