Workshop on Understanding the Child

30th May to 3rd June 2016
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The parenting workshop was held in AMIS, for five days, between 30th May and 3rd June, 2016, for the parents who became a part of the AMIS family, this academic year. Generally the expectation from a parenting workshop is to enhance parenting skills but the one conducted at AMIS, not only helped parents to better their skills at raising their children but also focused on enriching personal growth of each parent, as individuals. Chitra Jha, the facilitator of the workshop and Harvinder didi created an interactive forum to introspect our styles of parenting. Chitra Jha shared her personal experiences as a parent, as examples and various crucial and delicate aspects of parenting like providing food for our children, setting boundaries and the effect of our exposure to media, were dealt with at length, through intimate and extensive discussions. At the end of five day session, parents felt enriched and enlightened to embark on their beautiful journey of parenting which stems from personal growth.

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